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We are a team of professional hackers. Our expertise lies in programming, exploits and DDoS setup, databases, SEO and web design, hosting and server management, marketing, and hacking, and we love solving problems that most others give up on.


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Re: Rent-a-hacker!


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Talk About Tennis…for all your bootleg hacker needs!
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JTContinental wrote: Fri Feb 02, 2024 9:06 am Talk About Tennis…for all your bootleg hacker needs!
I'm guessing this thread won't be around for long. Advertising for criminal behaviour on publicly searchable website is an interesting strategy, particularly in the 'Other Sports' sub-forum.
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Re: Rent-a-hacker!


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I will not delete the post because it is a great example of what we may be dealing with.
Also, if these people can do what they claim to do, a novice like me cannot stop them.

MEMBERS. Beware of all posts by pouritaso2. S/he will not be suspended yet, as I await a bit more from this group.
Pouritaso2: please, refrain from posting stuff like this. If this was not meant to be a malicious post, please contact me via PM to explain.

The topic will be locked.
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