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Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 6:15 pm
by ponchi101
These rules are in place to keep our boards organized, the discussions civil and respectful, and to protect the rights of copyright holder's content. We are NOT attempting to stifle "heated" debate. But we insist that when arguments arise, you argue about the post, not the poster. The moderating of our forum is a subjective process, but every effort is made to be fair, consistent and impartial.

1. Please make the subject of new threads brief and as descriptive to the content as possible.

2. Before creating a new topic, please take a quick look on the appropriate board and make sure a new topic for your subject of discussion is necessary. If your post will fit into an existing topic place it there rather than starting a new one.

3. If referencing an article, or portion of an article, from another internet or print source, please post only a small portion of the article and include a link to the original article in the post. The author's name must also be included in the post. Any items posted that do not follow this rule will be subject to removal without notice.

4. Please do not post, or link to, any copyrighted images or media, including but not limited to: photographs, videos, sound files, or text files. Any such links or posts will be subject to removal without notice. Under appropriate circumstances, may, in its discretion, terminate the accounts of members who are repeat offenders of this rule. This includes links to sites or personal accounts which may sell intellectual or copyright items whose origin we cannot verify.

5. Please do not use overly negative and derogatory terms (scum, trash, idiot, etc.) when referring to players, commentators, broadcasters, celebrities, etc. For every player or celebrity that you despise, chances are another member will claim them as their favorite. Civility and respect towards other members and their opinions is paramount, and common courtesy to each other is expected.

6. Please keep your signatures brief (no more than several lines) and small (not over size 2).

7. Please use English only in all posts.

8. We have a list of banned words and expressions. While we understand that context is needed and at times can be subjective, we can offer some general guidelines:
  • Calling a situation or opinion from or by a non-forum personality by an expletive can be accepted as long as it is not offensive. For example, calling a situation a "clusterF***" is accepted. Calling somebody the same may be open for review.
  • The list of banned words is there for something. Inventive ways to circumvent such banning (replacing an "I" for a "!", for example) will result in editing of the post. It will be up to ADMIN/MOD personnel to do these modifications.
  • Aiming a banned word DIRECTLY at any fellow member will result in, at a minimum, a temporary suspension, even if and though the word will be replaced by the surrogate string. See the following examples for further clarification.
The following will not be tolerated and could result in immediate banning.

* Racism, homophobia, or attacks on any other TAT2 member for any reason.
* Name calling directed at other TAT2 members (i.e., "Don't be such an idiot") or baiting other TAT members.
* Pornographic material, explicit sexual descriptions, graphic descriptions of violence, or links to such.
* Links to products, gambling sites, blogs, or other websites for the sole purpose of promotion without prior approval.
* Harassment or stalking.
* Hijacking of threads for negative purposes.

9. NEW MEMBERS. While we certainly appreciate new members and welcome them to our forum, most spam attacks come from links that are posted by attackers that gain access as a new members. Therefore, we will not accept links posted by new members for the first 5 POSTS; after that, links will be examined and deleted if deemed inappropriate or with potentially harmful intent for current members.